The Who’s Roger Daltrey was front and center along with Pete Townsend Thursday night (January 13, 2011) leading his band through a headlining set at the Killing Cancer 2011 concert. Along with Jeff Beck, Debbie Harry, Richard Ashcroft and Bryan Adams, the artists came together to play the benefit concert, at the Hammersmith Apollo in London, to raise public awareness and funds for a revolutionary cancer treatment. The Killing Cancer charity was set up six years ago to fund the development of a new style of non-invasive cancer treatments. Roger Daltry recently revealed that he has had his own cancer scare just before the band were set to play at the Super Bowl last year. It became really hard to sing and he noticed his voice wasn’t performing normally. He sought out medical treatment and was diagnosed with evidence of pre-cancerous dysplasia. He had surgery this past December. Fortunately for Daltrey, the problem was not cancer, but instead was caused by extreme voice use.
“Baba O’Riley”

Jeff Beck and The Who “Mannish Boy” (originally done by Muddy Waters)

Here’s The Who with everyone who participated in the concert on “Join Together”