New details regarding the much-anticipated “Director’s Cut” version of The Who’s 1973 album, Quadrophenia have been released. Pete Townshend is personally overseeing the project, which is expected to result in the release of a massive box set on November 14.

The set will contain four audio discs, one DVD, and a 7-inch single. Discs one and two will feature the original album, in remastered form. Discs three and four will contain demos and other material not included on the original album. The DVD will feature eight tracks remixed for surround sound. Also included will be a 100-page hardback book that includes a lengthy essay by Townshend.

In a prepared statement, Townshend said, “The time has come for me and my team to honor Quadrophenia with a carefully presented package that features examples of the impact surround sound (quadrophonic) would have on the music, to remaster the vinyl mixes, and to collect and restore my demos. I am also going to try to shed some light on the way Quadrophenia came about, and how it was inspired by events in my life in 1970 and 1971 when I scribbled or typed the very first notes and lyrics for some of the songs that made it onto the final record.”