L&M’s Eagles Fastlane fan site reported earlier this week that, according to a message from Timothy B. Schmit’s assistant Julie Freeman, the 65-year-old Eagles bassist was diagnosed with throat and neck cancer in October and underwent an operation in New York City following the band’s November 17th Las Vegas concert.

Freeman explained in her note that Schmit was “only in the hospital for three days,” adding that “the surgery was successful and Timothy has received a clean bill of health.” She also said that it looks as though all of the cancer in his throat and neck has been removed and he won’t need to receive radiation treatment or chemotherapy. Freeman also notes that Schmit will need to “keep an eye on things every month for about a year” to make sure there’s no recurrence.

While Timothy has not yet regained his singing, Freeman reported that he expected to be well enough to join the Eagles for their December 30th concert at the MGM Grand in Vegas.

Fans wanting to send get-well wishes to Schmit can do so by sending an email to [email protected], and type “Message for Timothy” in the subject line. If you want to mail him a card or letter, you can send it to Timothy B. Schmit c/o ETC 1100 Glendon Ave., Suite 2000 Los Angeles, CA 90024. Happy Holidays Timothy, we here at MarshallofRock.com wish you all the best!