Japan’s Suntory liquor company is producing a special limited-edition blended whiskey in honor of the band reaching their 50th anniversary. The whisky will be available starting October 30th, and will come in a bottle shaped to resemble The band’s famous tongue-and-lips logo and will sell for $6,300, or 500,000 yen. Only 150 bottles will be sold.

Six varieties of whiskey are being used to create the blend, each one hailing from a significant year in the history of The Stones. For example, a 1962 single-malt whiskey has been included to mark the year the band was formed, and two from 1990 have been used to commemorate the year when the rockers first toured Japan.

If you want to make a really expensive toast to the Stones for their 50th anniversary, than this may be the whisky for you. Keith must have already sampled it and given his approval.