Tommy Lee has always been quite the innovator when it has come to his drum solos. On the Motley Crue/Poison/New York Dolls tour, he outdoes himself again with “The 360 Drum Rollercoaster.” Check it out as kit goes upside down in a complete circle, and he even gets someone in the crowd involved.

“This idea came about from when I was a kid going to concerts. Whenever the drummer started his drum solo, I wondered why people would leave to go get a beer, buy a t-shirt, restroom, whatever!! I wanted to show people what happens behind the drumset, so I decided to expose it all by flipping the drums vertical, upside-down, making them disappear and fly over the audiences heads! Mötley Crüe brings you on a thrill ride, jump on the 360!…Lets do this! By the way, it’s really [email protected] difficult playing while on this ride!”

Here’s a clip of the solo from the opening night of the tour in Dallas on June 7th: