Triumph will be releasing a special DVD/CD package of the band’s first reunion show, at Sweden Rocks outdoor Festival, in the summer of 2008 on August 28th. Rik Emmett talked about the new release, his upcoming solo gig on August 23rd at The Sound Academy in Toronto, and the future for Triumph in a new interview with

In regards to the new DVD release, Rik says, “I think in the final analysis, the issue is one of legacy for Gil. I really think that he thinks something like this is going to stand for the rest of our lives as the ‘Triumph Reunion’. This was a fairly large event in our lives, and is it good enough to be part of that legacy?’ Emmett said, hearkening back to another live performance that has come to be a significant part of the band’s enduring legacy – the US Festival in California in 1983.

Triumph performed a set in front of a quarter of a million fans, sharing the stage on ‘Heavy Metal Day’ with the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Van Halen, Motley Crue and Judas Priest.

“And we ended up putting that show out on DVD a few years ago, and for Mike and Gil, things like that will stand as the legacy of what Triumph was, who Triumph was. I think that also might have been holding things up because they wanted to make sure it was good, and it was right. I think the thinking was, ‘who cares if it comes out quickly, all that matters is we get it right,’” Emmett explained.

So, whenever a new Triumph product is release, the inevitable question arises – is the band going to tour again, especially in its home nation.

Emmett has been on record a number of times saying that he welcomes the chance to play Triumph songs with Moore and Levine again, but that it has been those two who have resisted.

“If the carrot was big enough and golden enough, I think it would make Mike and Gil, but especially Gil, do it. And we have had inquiries. Gil has a great life, and he’s content, and he makes a lot of money and he runs that Metalworks things and it’s very fulfilling for him. He’s got a life where he loves to play golf a lot with Tom Cochrane and Alex Lifeson [of Rush] and it’s a fairly time consuming hobby. So if he decided to go out on a Triumph tour, I think it would cost him some gold, and would cost him some family time, and he kind of looks at that and wonders if it’s worth it. And I don’t say that with any shred of negativity. It doesn’t matter to me if we play again. I can always find something to occupy my time and energy and make music in different ways,” he said.

“But I do like playing with the guys. It’s fun. And we go out for dinners together and we’re hanging out again and laughing and joking. The reunion shows, for me was the real lovely bit of us being back as friends again, for Mike and Gil much less so.

“For them, they don’t need the playing of the music to return to the magic of the brotherhood thing. And, honestly, when I look back on it all now, doing the Sweden thing and the Rocklahoma thing, yes there was the money, but I think it was pretty much Gil and Mike saying, ‘you know, I think this will close the circle for Rik. This will be the thing that will make Rik feel the happiest that this has all happened, and that Rik will feel like it has been done right.’ And so it got done and now there’s really not anything compelling them to do it.”

Emmett said both Moore and Levine would do a full-on Triumph reunion tour if they could headline bigger venues, where they could whip out all the bells and whistles of the live show that made a Triumph concert a true arena-rock spectacle, and one of the most intense live experiences on the road at the time.

“If the offer was there, and it was a solid thing, and it wasn’t just speculative, then it would change the temperature of the conversation. But at this point, so much of it is just speculative,” he said.

“But if you ask me, in my guts, do I still think there are one or two gigs left in us, I would say yes there is probably the likelihood that something will come along, like maybe some big charity gig, that would get the guys to say, ‘okay, we’ll strap it on one more time.’”

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