Ugly Kid Joe have posted a new song called “Love Ain’t True”, with that s**t talking sound you would expect from UKJ. The song features horns from the Fishbone guys. Check it out below.

UKJ drummer Shannon Larkin, who has been in Godsmack and Another Animal with UKJ vocalist Whitfield Crane recently spoke with NY Rock Music Examiner and was asked about the rumors that Ugly Kid Joe had reunited and was recording new material. “The rumors are true!” Larkin said. “Whit, Klaus (Eichstadt, guitar), Cordell (Crockett, bass), Dave (Fortman, guitar) and myself got together this year and made six new songs for an EP to put out at some point. We are really stoked at how it came out — pure Ugly Kid Joe, dude! We have no label, agent, or management and did the record by ourselves without a real plan other than getting together in a room again after all these years and jamming out! We’ll keep people posted as to when we will release something and perhaps even play some shows if there is interest in us.

Isla Vista, California’s Ugly Kid Joe released three full-length albums ane were road warriors throughout the 1990s before disbanding in 1997.
The band hit it huge with the singles “(I Hate) Everything About You”, “Cats In The Cradle”, and to a lesser extent “Neighbor”

Here’s an interview Nikki Blakk from 107.7 The Bone in San Francisco conducted with Whitfield Crane last month, talking about the new project and dropping in some old road stories from back in the day. Check it out!