Ted Nugent once again showed at his concert at the Chumash Casino Resort in Santa Ynez, CA. on July 18 why he continues to be on the top of the rock game after 50 years in the music biz! Ted and his band of amazing musicians, Derek St. Holmes (Guitar & Vocals), Greg Smith (Bass & Vocals) and “Wild” Mick Brown (Drums) were as tight as a deer’s asshole in the Motor City Madman’s crosshairs!

Uncle Ted packed all the huge songs he’s given us over the years into an energetic, dynamic set of music in the Samala Showroom that didn’t let up from start to finish. The band absolutely crushed, and the troops in the audience appreciated it, as did we all. Ted said that he and the band hit the road during May, June and July every year, then he “kills shit and stacks it” the rest of it. He commented on all of the deer venison he has send over to the troops in Afghanistan, and they cheered in appreciation. I had a chance to interview Ted prior to the show, read the interview here.

Ted talked freedom throughout the show, and broke out the red, white and blue guitar to match the talk. He did touch on the George Zimmerman trial, sharing his opinion on the verdict and calling Treyvon Martin a punk, but didn’t really get overly political for those of you expecting that he might. Despite the fact that Ted is now 65 years of age and has had 6 knee surgeries, he says he has nothing to complain about and acknowledged our military heroes that have lost a limb in service. It is truly hard to believe that Ted is 65, since he has the energy of someone half his age! Rock On Ted! Get all the upcoming tour dates at www.tednugent.com

Here’s a few photos from the show and you can check out the entire album on Marshall of Rock Facebook page

Special thanks to Mike Traphagen of Chumash Casino Resort! For all upcoming events check out www.chumashcasino.com