Van Halen new album ‘heavier than expected’ according to early online reviews

Van Halen new album ‘heavier than expected’ according to early online reviews

Jan 13, 2012

A select few have heard the new Van Halen album ‘A Different Kind of Truth,’ and have posted their observations and reviews online. The album comes out on Feb. 7th, and by all indications, Van Halen fans new and old are going to be happy. is reporting that one retailer, who had an Interscope executive fly out for a special playback session, labeled the record “overall, heavier than I expected,” and singled out the songs ‘China Town,’ ‘Big River’ and ‘Beats Workin” as highlights. They also went on to say that ‘She’s the Woman,’ as previewed at the band’s recent New York City club show, was better than the official first single ‘Tattoo.’

Another post on the VHLinks message board from another, unnamed source, says ‘A Different Kind of Truth’ is “better than anticipated.” ‘You and Your Blues’ as “probably the coolest VH track I’ve heard,” adding they “didn’t think Eddie had this sort of thing in him.”

The record apparently also features a couple of ballads, including “real surprise” ‘As Is,’ which is described as “melodic, slower, understated in many ways” and ultimately, “the best track on the album.” Can't wait to hear it!

Here's some fresh video from the Cafe Wha? gig in New York City gig last week (Jan. 5) of the band performing 'She's The Woman'

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