Van Halen have been ripping up California with show this past week in the San Francisco bay area (Oakland and San Jose) and in Los Angeles, as the band continues gelling in ways I never thought possible when they first announced their reunion tour. They have continously dropped in tracks that haven’t been performed in many years and are giving concert goers and awesome experience. Despite the postponing concert dates after the June 26th show in New Orleans, and all the talk surrounding the canceled dates, the band will be touring again after taking a bit of a breather to recharge the batteries. Here’s performance and interview footage of the guys and a video clip of two brothers who have waited 28 years to see Van Halen Wailing!

Here’s a true story of two brothers (Elvis and The Goo) who have waited 28 long years to see Van Halen:

Here’s the latest video with Eddie, Alex and Dave sitting on stools around the camera talking about the good old days, as DLR ‘interviews’ the guys. They talk early influences, first records they ever bought and how it got them playing music, how the Beatles ‘Hard Day’s Night’ influenced them all and more:

David Lee Roth in Oakland with a hell of a funny rap during ‘Everybody Wants Some’

Van Halen played “Bottoms Up” Tuesday night (June 5) at the Oracle Arena in Oakland for the first time onstage since 1983! Check it out, along with an amazing ‘Unchained’ and a funny ‘Pretty Woman.’