Van Halen premiere new video for ‘She’s The Woman’

Van Halen premiere new video for ‘She’s The Woman’

Apr 13, 2012

Van Halen have premiered a new video for 'She's The Woman'. The song is one of six new songs that originated from older material from the seventies and is one of the most prototypical Van Halen songs on the album. The video is a compilation of rehearsal, club and arena gig footage along with some still photos of the band. The song currently sits at #7 on the Rock tracks chart. I'm glad we all get another video, and I understand the reason for the performance footage since the band is on tour, but we need another 'Hot For Teacher.' You could have brought back the teacher years later because 'She's The Woman'. Check out the new vid:

Here's what the 'Hot For Teacher' woman, Lillian Mueller looks like today:













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