, a Little Rock, Arkansas TV station is reporting that a KISS fan’s shrine that she received as a gift from friends, and displays at her job, is allegedly interfering with the signal of Verizon Wireless. Stacie “Mack” McIntosh has the shine in her salon and it’s about the size of an old-fashioned arcade game, covered in KISS pictures and memorabilia. The shrine includes KISS figurines and other KISS items, with the centerpiece being a mock KISS stage, complete with a light show.

Mack says her friends gave it to her, “because we all love KISS, they loved me, and it was a way for them to take their memorabilia and let the world share in all of our love for KISS.”

Verizon says the shrine’s “interference is minimal and localized … the device interferes with the spectrum for which we are licensed.” Verizon wants Mack to get rid of the machine or at least leave it unplugged. She says she isn’t going to do that, and will get Gene involved if someone comes to ask her to take it down. Check out the news report: