Footage of Dimebag Darrell, Vinnie Paul, and Rex Brown of Pantera performing on New Year’s Eve 2001 has been unveiled for the first time. This clip of the three using the name “Gasoline” is reportedly the last time all three performed together live. Another singer is with the three in the clip, as Phil Anselmo was not with the group due to conflicts.

Chris Stiles, who posted the video said:

“This is my PERSONAL UNSEEN RARE FOOTAGE of Dimebag’s RARE AND UNRELEASED BAND GASOLINE. This was a party band for fun only. These were just jack around tunes made to be funny and have a good time. These weren’t meant to be serious by any means. The NEW AND UNRELEASED ANYWHERE ELSE songs…’GASOLINE’ and ‘GOING WITH THE GUT’. This is the LAST TIME REX, VINNIE, AND DIME played live together. The last song they got up and jammed Led Zeppelin’s ‘Moby Dick’.

I hated sitting on this for so long but it’s time the world gets to see it and enjoy it like I do. I’ve been lucky enough to have this since 2001 and I’ve never given a copy away and never let it out. Please respect that it’s mine and I will not tolerate anyone stealing it. This is OWNED BY ME. If the family wanted it…that’s another story. This show was a very special night…New Year’s was always a big deal for the brothers and usually they did a New Year’s gig for fun with pantera but after phil became harder to deal with they had to do their own thing on New Year’s. Pantera never played again and I’m thankful I saw the last moments these three stepped on stage together. This show was Union Underground opening, then Gasoline, Sevendust, Then Drowning Pool with Dave Williams.”

The bass player is a guy named shawn or “ST” as they called him for some reason. He was supposed to be the bass player in DAMAGEPLAN originally but did something to get booted out and was never seen around again from what I recall. New Found Power was that bands name then they changed it to Damageplan and got Bobzilla..but the cd was done by then and Dime did all the bass and guitar tracks. I even have a promo pic of them with shawn and NFP as their name..pretty cool. The Singer in this band Gasoline is the singer for PUMPJACK Thurber T. Mingus….they were a killer TEXAS band that DIME really loved. Very Texas metal/rock southern style….really great band that should have gone further. You can see their sticker on Dime’s rebel flag guitar on many pictures including the one of him on the best of cd released a few years back. Grady Dime’s tech owns that guitar now…rightfully so. Grady was the secret weapon for can always catch him in the back working knobs helping dime…sound like dime. Dime was gonna blow you away either way..but those little things…that was Grady. At the end of the show JERRY CANTRELL rolls out and jams with the guys from DROWNING POOL. I actually have footage briefly…of the limo rolling up and the guys getting out with jerry and I had to stop it so I could get the guys to sign stuff. I recall jerry asking me..”how the hell did you know I would be here?” Well dime told me a few days before to expect it…so I was ready with AIC stuff to sign. Great guy…always friendly…they all were.

Some of the most funny things are in the Going with the Gut song… ” I see an ad for a soloflex…and I know it’s just not for me.” “you know need a shed….when you got a tool like mine” lol No one did it like dime…no one. He was a one man party.
There used to be a lot of talk about since Pantera is done…why doesn’t Dave sing for the brothers…well this as far as I know is the ONLY time the full band played PANTERA with Dave. He came up and played dif songs but NEVER with the full Pantera crew. As you can tell HE WOULD HAVE NAILED Pantera songs…and to be honest I’m certain he would have done the DAMAGEPLAN thing if it wasn’t for what happened to him.. R.I.P. on a side note Dave was a hell of a guy.

As always Dimebag was very cool to hang with and loved having fun with his friends and fans. I was a young 18 year old that was just happy to be accepted around him. He allowed me to hang around him a lot so I’ll be uploading more video of me with him and times I managed to film. I messaged the family many times about having this included in anything they officially released and never got any emails back so I’ll go ahead and post it here for everyone to see. I don’t think it’s right to just hold on to it without letting others see what it’s like to be around him. RIP dime… you made a huge impression on my young life and I’ll never forget it.

This is my footage and belongs to ME. I will report anyone stealing it. Please enjoy it here and respect that I posted it for nothing so you guys could enjoy what I got to enjoy while he was here.”