Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil, whose solo album Tattoos and Tequila is out now, says he’s already had feedback from some of the groups whose ’70s hits he covered on the disc.

For example, Cheap Trick’s He’s A Whore, got the thumbs up when both bands were in Toronto for shows a while back.

“I’m sitting in the bar in the hotel and here comes (Cheap Trick singer) Robin (Zander) and I go, ‘Dude, check this out.’ I had the version on my phone. And so I played him, He’s A Whore, and he thought it was the coolest thing ever,” Neil told QMI Agency during a recent interview in Toronto. “And I talked to (Aerosmith frontman) Steven Tyler and he loved the version of Nobody’s Fault and he thought it was pretty ballsy to do that song because that’s a difficult song but he loved the version. He said, ‘Most people that do Aerosmith songs, they pick the obvious ones to redo.’

But this song takes me back when me and my friend John, we’d ditch school, and go surfing, like almost every day. And we just listened to the Rocks album (by Aerosmith). And so Steven loved it.

The Sweet song (AC DC) I played it for (bassist) Steve Priest and again, he really dug the version. He was going, ‘Man, I wish we sounded like that when we do it.'”