Nashville Scene has issued the following report from Adam Gold:  When onetime rock stars move Nashville-way, it’s usually to launch a second career as a songwriter, get a gig as a sideman, do sessions, or reclaim their fame in an industry town where having a youthful appearance and cutting-edge relevance aren’t always make-or-break requirements.

Take Darius Rucker, who – once mocked and maligned as lead singer for Hootie & The Blowfish — has recently celebrated a meteoric rise to the riches of pop-country Babylon after spending a decade as a pop-culture punch line.

When former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent moved to Middle Tennessee in the mid-1990s, he might’ve imagined himself making headlines in guitar magazines by remarketing his trademarked Vinnie Vincent Double V axe, or penning hits that would chart as high for a country star like Garth Brooks as ‘Lick It Up’ and ‘I Love It Loud’ did for KISS, or using his renowned chops as a shredder in the studio. Vinnie Vincent — aka Vincent Cusano; aka “The Ankh Warrior” — accomplished none of these things.

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