Singer Ed Kowalczyk is being sued by the other three original members of 90’s band Live for two million dollars. The band is angry that Kowalcyz named his solo album ‘Alive’ and is advertising his shows as “Ed Kowalczyk of Live.” The lawsuit calls for “an injunction plus $2 million in statutory damages for claims of trademark infringement, false designation of original and trademark dilution.”

Live is best remembered for the 1994 album ‘Throwing Copper’ and the songs ‘I Alone,’ ‘Lighting Crashes,’ and ‘Selling The Drama.’ Guitarist Chad Taylor, bassist Patrick Dahlheimer and drummer Chad Gracey hired new singer Chris Shinn after claiming they were forced to go on hiatus in 2009 as the only way to get rid of the vocalist.

This is the second time the band members have sued Kowalcyz. Back in 2010 the band filed a lawsuit, saying that the previous summer, he’d demanded a $100,000 ahead of a festival appearance in Europe simply for being the band’s frontman. They also said that around the same time they found out he’d signed himself up as sole recipient of the band’s publishing income.

Chad Taylor has said about that situation: “There was a hidden contract signed in 2005. I personally discovered it via a communication breakdown. Ed is listed as the only signature. When I wrote him he failed to respond. Ed was able to stab his three best friends from middle school in the back.”

Addressing the lead singer bonus Kowalcyz demanded, Taylor added: “I was informed of his request by our management and politely told them to ‘fuck off.’ Ed will no longer be the vocalist for Live. He is no friend of mine or the lifelong fans of Live.”

In 2011 Kowalczyk said: “I had come to the end of a chapter in my life and wanted to spread my wings beyond what I had been doing. The allegations levelled at me were all absolutely untrue. I have no plans to work with those individuals again. The spirit of Live is alive and well in my performances and my new material.”

For now at least.