The Good Ol’ Boys from Texas are getting ready to the tubesnake boogie all over the U.S. with the recently announced ‘Gang Of Outlaws’ tour and a new album due soon. ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons told Billboard that the Rick Rubin produced album is “still long and awaiting”, but suggests that the album may be arriving sooner than later.

“It’s down to seeds and stems, [We’re] just picking through the good stuff.” The band has been working on the follow-up to its 2003 release, ‘Mescalero,’ for quite some time and Gibbons says the Rubin has made sure that ZZ Top doesn’t veer too far from their classic blues-rock sound, explaining, “He said, ‘It’s just pretty much straight-ahead. I don’t see any major changes. If we stumble into something drastic, fine. If it works, we’ll know it.”

Gibbons says the album will be shorter than the 16-track ‘Mescalero’ saying, “I think by and large a 10-song offering is par for the course. Any more than that is a little overwhelming.”

A new track called ’25 Lighters’ will be used in an upcoming ad campaign for Jeremiah Weed Whiskey. The band recently shot a TV ad for the liquor that includes the song, which he says “will probably be a good starter piece to let out of the bag.”

Meanwhile, ZZ Top is getting ready to hit the road on the Gang of Outlaws Tour along with 3 Doors Down and Gretchen Wilson. The tour kicks off on May 25 in Manchester, New Hampshire.